Best Advanced Touchscreen controls for PUBG Mobile

PUBG has been one of the best touchscreen games that people have played over a long time. The game has its owns success and there are different reasons for it. Whether it is gameplay or features or graphics or anything else, PUBG has been a huge hit and people like to play it even with the fact that there are limited controls on offer when it comes to games with the touchscreen. With touchscreen there are not a lot of options available as it is not a controller but the way PUBG has given the controls is remarkable as you can easily control the game and use each and every feature of it without having any issues and using both your hands while holding the phone.Download Gameloop for free if you want to play pubg on your pc

Controls for PUBG Mobile

The game makes the best use of the touchscreen that you will see on a smartphone. If you want to get the best controls, you need to have a smartphone with a really nice touchscreen so that you get the perfect response and the game doesn’t hang as well. However, there is also an option to customize the placement and size of action buttons according to your own requirement. Every player has different requirements and everyone needs different buttons and thus it is extremely important to use the buttons according to your own requirement so that you can get the best out of them. There is a way to customize the controls in PUBG so that you can have more control over your game with ease.Learn How to Optimize PUBG Mobile for Notched Phones

Touchscreen controls for PUBG Mobile

Gear Icon in PUBG

The touchscreen controls have seen a tweak through which a Gear Icon brings you a home screen where you can change the settings of the game control of the game. This particular thing gives you control over what you want and how everything should be laid out which is a perfect sign as you can get everything according to your own requirement. you can easily switch crossbows and shotguns and release firing mode and turn on peek controls and gyroscope controls. All the controls that you can do give you an edge in the game as you can save a split second with the help of these controls only. You can get different options for the control such as left side to be dedicated to movement and right side for aim.Read more about TikTok Death , PUBG Suicide

Other Options in PUBG

There is also another option where the left screen is dedicated to movement while the right is dedicated for a floating fire button as you now have the trigger button on your thumb only. Another option that you get is that the entire screen can be used in order to aim and with a fixed stick movement for the fire button. This is the best option that can be used but you can also customize stuff according to your own requirement in this so that you can get the best according to your own requirement as every player has a different strategy. You can also learn to peek and scope controls as well in the game now and have more controls.

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