How to fix lag in PUBG Mobile ?

PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous games in the world right now and it is being played a lot in quarantine as it allows everyone to spend time in their homes while also digitally interacting with their friends while playing the game with them. It is one of the most played mobile games and the good thing is that it can be played on almost every smartphone.A lot of people are reporting that in the latest update of gameloop lag has been fixed

What is lag ?

Lag might be the biggest problem gamers face while gaming and it is one of the most annoying and frustrating things. Lag is when your game gets interrupted and it is running slow. Basically, lag is responding slowly and getting stuck in between.

Why does lag occur ?

The main reason for a game to lag is a slow internet connection or the internet is being used a lot by various devices in your home. The other reasons for lag are that your phone is slow and cannot handle the game, causing it to lag.

There might be too many apps opened in the background which don’t leave enough RAM for your game which can also make the game lag. Another reason is that you might have installed the game on your SD card and not your phone memory. SD cards are slower so they can cause the game to lag too.Some people complain that there are getting very less FPS in pubg mobile learn to increase FPS

How much lag occurs in PUBG Mobile ?

As we all know that PUBG Mobile is an online game and requires the internet to play. A lot happens while playing that game and the game has a lot of features and mechanics, so it for sure needs a really good internet connection.

lag in PUBG Mobile

A lot of lag occurs while playing PUBG and many people say that PUBG is one of the laggiest games. Well, that is not the fault of the developers of PUBG. It is because of your internet connection or your device.

How to fix lag in PUBG Mobile ?

So we have discussed lag and how it is a big problem for PUBG Mobile and its players. Now I will tell you a few ways to avoid or fix lag in PUBG Mobile. As there are a lot of ways lag can occur, there are also a lot of ways lag can be fixed.Learn How to Update PUBG in Tencent Gaming Buddy

You should try checking your internet router if it is working properly or not. If you have an old or a bad internet connection, you should consider getting a newer and better one so your game can run smoothly.

You should try to reduce the internet usage of other devices that use the same internet connection as the device you are playing the game on, this reduces the load on the internet connection and it can give you better speed and reduce lag.

You should clear and disable the apps running in the background to provide more ram to your game so it can run smoothly. If your device has less ram and is old, you should get a new device with more amount of ram.

If you play PUBG Mobile on your PC through an emulator, you should attach a WLAN cable on your router and PC as wired internet connections provide a faster and more stable internet connection than wireless.

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