How To Install PUBG Mobile on Your Phone without Internet

One of the most interesting games that you have seen that is trending right now is none other than PUBG. The game has been a hit with the people and they are just going mad after it. The multiplayer option and the other gaming scenarios are the main reason why this particular game has been a hit and millions of people are now playing it all over the world. Another thing about this game is that you cannot play this game without an active internet connection. This is because there are multi players involved in it and thus you need an active internet connection to stay connected and play the game online.Download Gameloop The Best Pubg Mobile Emulator

Issues Faced While Installing PUBG

It is the leading battle royal game in the world now as people find it different from the games that they have played because of the scenarios that are in it and the option to play it with everyone else. But one thing that often catches the eye of the many users is the size of the game that is actually a lot. The game is more than 1GB and thus you need a really good connection in order to get the things right and download the game in one go. But not everyone has a good internet connection that can help you download the game with ease and thus not everyone can enjoy playing the game.Learn different ways to Optimize PUBG Mobile for Notched Phones

Ways to Install PUBG 

However, there are different ways through which you can play PUBG and not use an active internet connection in order to download the game. But for this you will need help of a friend in order to follow the process and everything. In order to install the game your friend will have to download a file transfer app through which you will have to download the game. With the help of the transfer app you can transfer the APK file from your friend’s phone to your phone. Then from your friend’s phone you can go to file and select the main 11460 Tencent in OBB file and send it to your phone. The next step is to transfer the data folder from android and transfer it to your phone with the sharing app.Know which are the PUBG on Xbox One controls

Install PUBG Mobile

APK File for PUBG

Once all these things are done, you have to tap on the APK file in order to start the installation process. Once the installation process is complete, then you can close the window and then close the file-sharing app as well and go to file manager. Go to the folder where you received the files and create a new folder and paste all the files over there. Once you are done you can move the Tencent folder to phone storage and then you are done with the overall installation of the game without even having the need to turn on your internet. The game will work like just another game that it works on another person’s phone and there will be no need to worry as you could just play the game but for that you will need an active internet connection or it won’t work.

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