How to Optimize PUBG Mobile for Notched Phones

PUBG is the best game right now that everyone is after and people are going crazy after it. There was a time when you won’t find a game that people were so crazy about even though it was only on phone and that too on a touchscreen phone. However, the game is really heavy and it requires a really good smartphone in order to play the game incorrect way. If you have a good phone, then you will be able to get the correct feeling of the game because that is what makes the game the best as you can easily not witness the best game if you don’t have a perfect phone. Thus it is important to have a good phone to run the game on it.Do Gameloop Pubg Mobile Emulator Download

What is Notch

There are also instances when people used to have problems when it comes to using notched Android phones as hardcore players were having problems with it. The notch is one thing that interferes a lot of things and one problem that we often face is that there is control hidden which can be a problem for a player as they are unable to see the control which is hidden because of notch. There are also important areas that are hidden due to the notch, and it can become a cause of concern for many as they don’t have any idea why they can’t see something important during the match. But there is a solution for it and the developers of the game have addressed that issue.Learn How To Install PUBG Mobile on Your Phone without Internet

Notched Phones

Optimize Your Notched Phone

You can optimize the game for your notched android phone but for that you will have to download the latest version of the game and then go to settings of the game. Once you are in the settings tab, you can click on the gear icon at the bottom right of the screen and then go to graphics. Once you are at graphics, there is an option of related in game settings through which you can set the in-game controls and everything. There you will find a notched option something that every android notched user is looking for. Once you are done with this option the settings will take effect and then you can finally restart your device and start playing the game.Best Advanced Touchscreen controls for PUBG Mobile

Advantages of Optimized Notched Phones

The issue is a big one for the players who play the game regularly as they miss out on important activities during the game just because of notch. But now that is not the case as you can easily get the settings done and enjoy the game just like everyone else is doing and optimize the display of your notch android phone without having any issues. The issue was a serious one for gamers but now it has been addressed and people can get the maximum view without anything hidden in the game so that they can play however they like. Notch are now very common and that is one reason why people want to get rid of the notch from the game as well.

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