How to Reduce Ping In PUBG Mobile Emulator ?

PUBG is a really popular game right now, especially in Pakistan in India. The famous version of PUBG that is famous over here is PUBG Mobile. It is played a lot in Pakistan and India. People also play PUBG Mobile on their PC using an emulator. People use it to play PUBG on PC because it is much more convenient and you have better frames and more control over the game.

What is Ping ?

Ping is a signal sent to a host that requests a response. The time of ping is measured in milliseconds. The larger the ping is the more time it will take for the signal to be sent to the host.

The time will depend on your internet connection. If you have a fast internet connection, it will take less time for the signal to be sent, if you have a slow internet connection, it will take more time for the signal to be sent.Wanna play Pubg mobile in emulator ? do free Gameloop download

For example, if you are playing PUBG and you have 60ms ping and you press the aim button, it will take 60 milliseconds for the signal to be sent and your player will aim, but if you have 700ms ping, it will take 700 milliseconds for the signal to be sent. It may not seem that much time but when you are playing, it matters a lot and there is a big delay.

Why do we get high ping ?

The reason for higher ping is probably a bad internet connection. If you have a slow and really bad internet connection, the ping will be very high and there will be a big delay if you tap on any button for any action in the game.Learn How To Stream Pubg Mobile On YouTube and earn money


If you have a good internet connection but you are still getting high ping is probably because there is a lot of load on your internet and many people are using your internet connection at the same time on a lot of different devices.

How to reduce ping in PUBG Mobile emulator ?

The ping on which PUBG Mobile emulator will run smoothly on is at least under 100ms. You can also get 0ms ping but that is not possible in our region, the lowest we can get is 20-30ms. If you want to get low ping like this, here are some ways you can get a low ping.Learn How to Use Reshade with PUBG

On PUBG Mobile Emulator, high ping can be reduced by getting a better and faster internet connection. If you have a good and fast internet connection, your ping will be low and the game will be smooth without any delay.

Another way can be using a wired internet connection by a WLAN cable. Wired internet connections are much better and faster than wireless. It can reduce your ping a lot.

Another way can be turning off the connection on other devices that are using the same internet connection as you. This will reduce the load on your connection and the ping will reduce in your game.

So these were some ways to reduce ping, I hope you found this article helpful and I hope that you will get less ping by following these simple steps and ways. Get less ping and achieve those chicken dinners.

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