How To Stream Pubg Mobile On YouTube

PUBG or PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is one one of the most played multi-player game in which users landed in tighter locations. They have to look for weapons and tools to kill opponents while saving themselves. The more the levels they clear, the safe areas getting lesser. The last living person or user or team in the winner of the battle. The South Korean’s Bluehole’s video game has gained a lot of attention since it was released in 2017 for Microsoft Windows and officially released in 2018. The company has sold more than 60 million copies for PCs and 600 million times it was downloaded on phones.If you can not afford high end gaming pc then you can use Gameloop Pubg Mobile Emulator you can play pubg mobile on pc using Gameloop emulator

Therefore, there is great spark and rise in career of gaming. It was not considered a career in past but now it is becoming field as well and the foremost step, considered nowadays to enter in it, is to play PUBG and stream them on YouTube. However, it is not as easy as ABC to stream video games on social media and video-based applications. Yet, it is 21st century- the age of software applications and smart techniques, or the age of technology that assist to accomplish tasks fast and easily.Learn How to increase FPS in PUBG Mobile emulator ?

Gamers and PUBG lovers use different applications and software to stream them. Yet the easiest way to stream is to use YouTube Gaming.

stream pubg mobile

What is YouTube Gaming ?

YouTube has made a separate application for gamers and streamers. It allows them to stream on YouTube easily. Yet, they have to follow the following steps:

  • Download YouTube Gaming: First and foremost step is download or install the application via Google Play or Play Store. YouTube Gaming is a free software.
  • Log in and Verify the Account: After downloading the application, log in your google account and verify it. YouTube does not ask all users for verification. It depends on the status of your account.
  • Click on Broadcast icon: After verification, all you have to do is to open an application and click on the icon of broadcast. The broadcast icon is at the top of the application. It has arrow and two signals. Once you click on it, a screen will popup. It will give you options of live stream and video quality. After selecting these options, app will give you instructions that you are going public; therefore, all of your notifications and calls will go public. After reading them, click on next. You will have another screen in which there will be options of what app you want to stream. Select PUBG. YouTube will ask you to give name and title to your video and add description. Once you add them, you are live and public.

So, these are three main steps to stream on YouTube. You can disable or enable front camera. Besides, you have an option to share the link of the video on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.Many methods are useful to reduce ping in pubg

YouTube Gaming is easier to use than streamlabs OBS and other applications. All you need is account on YouTube and grip on the game.

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