How to Update PUBG in Tencent Gaming Buddy

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the favorite multiplayer video-game of millions of people who play with their friends in their free time, especially in lockdowns, to pass their time and enjoy the moment. In the game, users have to search for the weapon to kill other users while keeping themselves safe. The higher level they reach, the lesser there will be safe areas in the round. A user who remains alive till the end of the round is the winner of the game.Tencent game buddy is no more available but you can download Gameloop

PUBG has become famous and popular among game lovers instantly when it was released in 2017 for Microsoft and officially in 2018. Bluehole has sold more than 60 million copies to PCs and 600 million users have downloaded in their phones.

Phone game players do not have to pay money to download it but PC users have paid to enjoy it. Thus, there are two forms of PUBG:

  1. PUBG PC, and
  2. PUBG Mobile


PUBG PC is made for PCs and laptops but PUBG mobile is for iPhones and mobile phones. PUBG PC is pricey but PUBG Mobile is free of cost. Therefore, the majority of the users download PUBG Mobile in the PCs and laptops via emulators.There are many method to fix lag in pubg learn them

Update PUBG in Tencent Gaming Buddy

What is PUBG Emulator ? 

PC and mobile are different from each other. Therefore, you need to download an extra application when you want to download a mobile-based application on the laptop or PC. This extra application is called the emulator and the application that supports PUBG Mobile is called PUBG emulator.

There are many PUBG emulators in the world of applications and software. One of them is Tencent Gaming Buddy.

What is Tencent Gaming Buddy ?

Tencent Gaming Buddy is one of the most downloaded PUBG emulators. It is made for Android devices. The application comes with Nimo TV. It is a streaming platform. A user has to download it on the PC. They can find the software on the main site of Tencent. The users can download it for free from the site and can place as many games as they want. They can download Mobile Legends or Auto Chess in it as well.

You can download games and update them in it easily too. However, many of the users still find it difficult to update the PUBG on Tencent Gaming Buddy. Although the process is a little complex, it can be simplified if you break it into small steps.

Steps to update PUBG on Tencent Gaming Buddy

There are two ways to update PUBG on Tencent Buddy:

  1. Uninstall and then install the game, and
  2. Click on the update instead of playing the game.

Uninstall and then Install the Game

After downloading Tencent, the emulator will download the maps and features of PUBG automatically. Once it is done, you have to follow the two following steps.

Steps 1: In the first step, you have to uninstall the game.

Step 2: In the last step, reinstall it. Reinstallation will install the updated version of the game.

Click on Update instead of playing the game

At many times, users don’t want to uninstall the game. After all, it requires effort to install it again and then its features to be able to play it well again. Therefore, there is another way that comprises the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Tencent Buddy or emulator.

Step 2: Open PUBG. Don’t select the option of “play”. Select “Update”. The emulator will show your either one or numerous options of update. Select the desired one or the latest updated version.

Step 2: Once the game is updated, you can play it again.

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