PUBG on Xbox One controls: How to shoot and survive

The popularity of the game PUBG is second to none. The game has got everything that you are looking for in an arcade game. Whether it is the graphics or the gameplay or the multiplayer option, you have it all. The game has managed to get the best ratings and is one of the best mobile games that you will ever find. The popularity of the game is to such a level that people are now willing to play the game on other consoles as well so that they can get better graphics and controls and play it on the big screen rather than playing it on the small screen of their mobile phones. However, everything is not as easy as it sounds.Download Gameloop For Pubg For Free


PUBG came on XBOX One and people just couldn’t stop playing the game. But if you are a PUBG player who has played the game on the mobile phone, then you will have a lot of trouble in order to shift to the controls on XBOX One as the controls on both sides are totally different. On the one hand you are using a controller in order to play the game, while on the other hand it’s all about a touchscreen that gives you control over the gameplay. Both options are totally different but both have their own advantages and disadvantages that you can get. But learning controls is never really a problem and you can do it with ease without having much trouble.Learn How to Win at PUBG Without Firing a Single Shot

Gameplay in PUBG

The first and foremost thing you do when a game starts is that you start to pick stuff for yourself and in this game, you can collect your inventory by pressing the X button. Weapons automatically equip to the three slots whether primary or secondary or a pistol. In order to load a weapon, you will need to press and hold down the X button while in order to switch between multiple weapon you need to press the Y button. In order to equip an attachment, you need to hit the menu button after which there will be vertical columns there and they will be highlighted by default. You can switch between your primary secondary gun by pressing the Y button while the D-pad has different functions as well.Learn How To Install PUBG Mobile on Your Phone without Internet

PUBG on Xbox One controls

Ranged Weapon in PUBG

Once you have a ranged weapon, you need to tap the left trigger in order to toggle into the aiming mode. Through this, the scope will come into play, which is extremely important, while the D-pad will adjust the range as well. Freelook can be accessed by holding down the right bumper and moving the right analog stick. The controls may sound difficult at first but once you start playing, you will get used to it, and you will forget the touchscreen controls that you are aware of. And in no time, you will enjoy playing PUBG because of the fact that you are playing it on the big screen with proper controls and gameplay which will give you a better gaming experience.

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