TikTok Death , PUBG Suicide: How to Fight Digital Addiction

This is the digital age and everyone now is connected with each other just with the help of smartphones. We now have the world in our hands as we can easily see and search for whatever we want and stay connected with everyone else. This is what the digital world has done to us. We have the world in our smartphones, be it weather or news or games or entertainment. We now have everything to cheer about. Thus in this digital age we have to think of a time where we don’t get addicted a lot to this digital world and keep a proper distance as well. There are different apps and games that are now taking a toll on people who are now addicted to it and are using it all the time.If you wanna play pubg on pc then you can download Gameloop

Digital Addiction

Popular apps like TikTok and games like PUBG are one of the most common digital addiction that you can find around. People who play PUBG know how addictive this game is, and you can play it whenever you want and enjoy it even if you don’t have any friends to play with you. This is why PUBG has become an instant hit as you don’t need people to play with you but this game has got its own addiction. The players who play the game are now addicted to it and people just cannot afford to miss any chance to not play the game. The same is the case with the TikTok app as people continue to use the app even if they have the time to do something else.Know which are the Best Advanced Touchscreen controls for PUBG Mobile

Digital Addiction

Impact of Digital Addiction

This addiction can be difficult as people can end up harming themselves as there was news of people passing away after cardiac arrest after playing PUBG for six hours straight. This news makes you think that you have to get away with digital addiction and that there must be a balance between work and life and your social activity. Everything needs to go hand in hand so that there is no addiction-related things, and proper sleep is also ensured for people as well. Sleep is extremely important and people who are digitally addicted are deprived from sleep, which makes it really difficult for everyone to help curb the addiction as well.

Digital Detox for Addiction

There is a digital detox that everyone should do once a week where for a period of time people shouldn’t be using their phone or gadget anytime soon. If you can go through the initial phase, then you can easily go through the rest of the time as well. People addicted to gadgets just think about them and they have those gadgets in their mind only. It is really important to have such people who should look after digital addiction and focus on different activities that people should do in order to curb the addiction. Whether it is indoor activities or sports or education, everything needs to go together so that your mind stays diverted and you don’t think about particular stuff for a long time which can be dangerous.

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