How to Win at PUBG Without Firing a Single Shot

One of the most popular games that one can now play is none other than PUBG. The game has got its own significance and has become quite popular because of the fact that you can play it multiplayer by making your teams. The game has become a hit because of the rules and regulations that are set in it, and that is one main reason why this arcade game is a hit as compared to other mobile games that you see. The game however, comes with a lot of tricks and tips that can be used in order to survive and make things easy while playing.Download Gameloop Pubg Mobile Emulator.

Survival in PUBG

The main thing in the game is to survive the battleground so that you can win the round and the game. Anyone who survives after beating the enemies can win this game. And one important thing in it is that there are a lot of obstacles that one has to go through and one of the major obstacles that you find in the game is that you have to come in the circle as it continues to get smaller as the game progresses. Thus you have to stay within the circle and play and fight with the enemies. But there is one trick through which you can win the game and do it even without firing a single shot.Learn How to Use Reshade with PUBG

Win at PUBG Without Firing a Single Shot

Gameplay of PUBG

Strange right and that too keeping in mind that it is a battleground and everyone must be firing shots and everything. But this being said, you need to be a pro player in hiding and seek in order to win the game as the rules of the game say that if certain players are left with the time running out, the player with the highest health wins the game. Thus this is exactly where everyone starts to take advantage of the game in the first initial moments. By this, people try to collect the weapons and play safe so that they don’t indulge in war and lose their health in the initial stages of the game. This is a safe technique that is used by many players in order to save the game and win the gold.Learn PUBG on Xbox One controls

How to Survive in PUBG

But if you are one of those lucky players who are good in hide and seek then you can play the entire game hiding from the enemies and not firing a single shot and then in the end you can end up being declared as the winner. If your health is full and you haven’t taken any damage from the enemies, then you can win the game without firing a single shot. But this is something that you can do only once in a blue moon as there are different players that are playing and they do come in front of you so you will have to fight the battle and fire shots. But if you are just lucky, then you can easily win the game playing hide and seek and not firing a single shot even.

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